About 49

Steven Rush aka funky49 is all over the map like Carmen Sandiego. Let’s focus on him being a producer and a rapper. He’s made music with two boomboxes and a cheap sampling keyboard, with Amiga MOD trackers, pirated software and whatever it took to get the idea in his brain to your ears. Currently he has a home studio with professional gear and Pro Tools.

Best known for his Beastie Boys remixes and rapping, funky49′s rhymes found a home in the nerdcore rap movement. He has been named a Wired magazine “Nerdcore Hip-Hop All-Star” (September 2006) as well as in the Tampa Bay Times Ultimate Local Music Guide 2009. He has a small cameo appearance in the documentary, Nerdcore for Life. He was filmed as a fan for the MC Frontalot documentary, Nerdcore Rising. He has performed at Nerdapalooza 2007-2009 as well as been an opening act for Schaffer the Darklord, mc chris, MC Frontalot*, MC Lars*, ytcracker* and Shael Riley*. In 2008 he released his full length album, Starblazer. This was followed by a music video for the song “Milk & Doo Doo” from the album. In 2009 he released the Rapbassador EP to raise awareness and support his local science museum, Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry. This led to him creating the song “Particle Business” for the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. He frequently works with redvoid and together produce music under the following alias: Superfiends, 2DefMice. funky49 also has been known to work closely with the Emergency Pizza Party who funky49 attributes to getting him to rap live. He prefers his name be spelled with no space and no caps to make searching for him easier.

*As part of the Emergency Pizza Party

Aliases: The Rapbassador, Starblazer, Doctor Basswave, Fresh Prince of Batavia, Apollo49

Website: www.funky49.com
Email: funky49   @gmail.com

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