Particle Business music video – Fermilab rap

In May 2009 I was contacted by Dr. Ben Kilminster about creating a rap for Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab). TALK ABOUT AN HONOR! I immediately started researching Fermilab and particle physics (as well as enjoying the documentary, The Atom Smashers). After lots of musical blood, sweat and tears (and help from collaborators redvoid and RJ Salicco) … the music is done, the vocals are done and I’m soon to be flying up to Chicago, Illinois to visit Fermilab! I was up there to give a presentation about science outreach via rap music, perform for Fermilab employees AND shoot a music video with Dan Lamoureux of Nerdcore for Life fame! Am I the luckiest rapping nerd or what? Check out the ‘funky49 goes to Fermilab’ video below!


Q: Who is responsible for the Particle Business (Fermilab Rap) music video? The talented Dan Lamoureux has donated his time and talents to make the video possible. He is best known for his documentary, Nerdcore for Life. Check out his company, Crapbot Productions.

Q: How did you decide to do a rap about Fermilab? In May 2009, I was contacted by Dr. Ben Kilminster, a scientist with the CDF group at Fermilab. He thought that since CERN and Fermilab do similar work that Fermilab should have its own science+rap outreach as CERN has the LHC Rap. Dr. Kilminster read a write-up about my rap album for Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry on ScientificBlogging.com

Q: How did you research the lyrics for the rap? I read up on Fermilab and particle physics via the web plus watched the documentary, The Atom Smashers. The Atom Smashers is a great starter on high-energy physics as well as the human beings who’s talents harness the technology. The parts by Dr. Leon Lederman are great in this film. Dr. Kilminster and I exchanged a few emails and had phone conversations about the content of the lyrics. He was very insightful in particular on the “competitive collaboration” angle between the CDF and D0 teams at Fermilab. It’s the same relationship between Fermilab and CERN.

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