Rapbassador Lyrics

Mad Science | That’s Not IMAX | The Future is Calling | Your Body is a World
MOSI Got the Party
| Still Nerdy | Starblazer

Mad Science (funky49 Bad Science cover)
science minded, innovative by nature
slip into a rant you need a translator
rambling monologues compile my thoughts
scattered brain framed the flaws of my creator [beat drops]
got tools now, i can rebuild me
no science comes guaranteed
remolded my brain like floam
replaced my heart with a metronome
lab’s under parental house like Dexter
hydrogen-bond my beats like an ester
up late in rooms full with GNDN tubes
program robots to solve Rubix cubes
I don’t expect you to buy this, but
what I got for real is Mad Science!
I don’t expect you to buy this, but
what I got for real is Mad Science! [beat drops]

mad mad mad mad mad mad MAD SCIENCE x4

eureka …. just solved a verse
don’t know if it’s programed enough to work
isolation produces lyrics out of touch, just
wanna hold ya’ll in my musical clutch
euphony, doesn’t have to be,
the played out story of conformity
sex, drugs and cash are all up in rap
do you think I care who’s girlfriend you fraked?
thats not new, neither is this sound
infection has spread to the underground so
call me crazy, i stand in defiance
what I really want is some weird science

I’m fearless, embraced my insanity ,lost
marbles, a symptom of humanity
came to terms, gave the finger to Freud now I’m
Back to the Future like Christopher Lloyd
no method, I’m a Ghost in a Shell death
pored from blue wrists and heart-rate fell when i
woke up in hell, it was same as before used
blood soaked arms to pull my corpse off the floor, not
dead or alive, zombie walk to the car
reckless like bruce wayne, I’ve got 5 stars. it
seems to me, every time i re-spawn
just a little bitty bit of my sanity’s gone
regardless my hold on life doesn’t slip
weakens the hand of my reality grip
add one part genius, to techno reliance
mix with alienation and you’ve got MAD SCIENCE

Mad Science orignally by Fanatical aka Jaylyn Coffin.

(I’ve always liked it and thought a cover/reworking of her tune would fit in well to the MOSI Tampa/Rapbassador EP)

That’s Not IMAX
old school tube / yo that’s not IMAX
LCD / yo that’s not IMAX
plasma / yo that’s not IMAX
I max, you max, relax at the IMAX

obscene screen of your dreams
even make an esteemed man cream
whatever your home’s got, don’t be pissed
because it can not compare to this, got
curva-ture, like a fine girl
step inside the IMAX world, screen
ginormous Ar-gen-tino-saurus,
hold up, it’s time for the chorus

sound, three dizzle on the elliptical
don’t you know they got it digital
lost in the sauce, amazing gazing
blazing rating, IMAX praising I
sing no riddle, a critical hit ask the teacher
get it in your life, IMAX feature
Image Maxima, Canada thanks
other movie theaters get spanked

whatcha, whatcha wanna watch?
whateverrr, you’ll like it a lot!
animated features, ones about creatures
documentaries for all to see, what
did Aunt Rose Marie like best?
the sound track to Everest!
so, doesn’t matter what you got at home
it doesn’t compare to – the MOSI Dome!
The Future is Calling


life is better when you cultivate
making less waste up in the place
think global, act noble local
don’t just sit get mobile!
sustainability is sensible
generate crazy waste, indefensible
guess what? there’s no Captain Planet
if you want it, make it happen damnit!


need recourses from resources
being depleted, Gaia bleeded
we’re the leeches, parasitic actions
Middle Path that’s my faction.
be the change to maintain
not a pain or a strain – what I’m sayin
together now we can be stoppin
this tragedy of the commons!



Additional vocals provided by Miquiel Banks & John Sexton (aka redvoid).
Miquiel appears courtesy of Kemet Media Records
John appears courtesy of Ghostcone Records

Your Body is a World

Voyage Fantastic, come for a ride
that could be from inside Asimov’s mind
destination, not a state or nation
not even going to the space station
this journey isn’t outerspace, its inner
funky49 assures that its a winner
la-de-da-dee its a science party and it
concerns the human body

La-de-da-dee, your body is a world
my body, yours, every boy and girl
La-de-da-dee, your body is a world
your body is a world, your body is a world

exhibition of the body’s interior
anything else turns up inferior
it’s a tragedy you see, never had
this stuff when I took honors biology
can’t get these looks from books or models
full meal, to those baby bottles
plastination, halts decomposition
Da Vinci never knew what he was missin’


(bridge) pep talk for Body Words exhibit

shatter apathy of anatomy, physiology
Doc Gunther thanks for your discovery
MOSI, Science and Industry
hooks it up (yeah) for all to see what’s
under the skin of humanity
ignore what’s in store? insanity.
see where I’m coming from with this
go and witness the epididymis
See that Groove is in the Heart, start
to see that we’re both, science and art
everbody’s got one body, love that body
put that body next to somebody
Voyage Fantastic, come for a ride
that could be from inside Asimov’s mind
destination, not a state or nation
not even going to the space station
it’s your body

MOSI Got The Party

MOSI got the party if you party with science
MOSI got the party if you like to learn
MOSI got the party if you party with science
MOSI got the party, MOSI got the party

North Tampa – South Florida
MOSI the spot that floorin’ ya
wait a sec, let your eyes focus
you’re face to face with a diplodocus
get swept up in hurricane winds
take a high ride bike for a spin
yeah, thirty foot up on a bicycle
find out what’s it’s good to reee-cycle
need a break? start making tracks
for a seat inside MOSI IMAX
or hit up the outer space stadium
I’m talking Saunder’s Planetarium


… this is Apollo 49… preparing for touchdown at MOSI..
is that a butterfly garden i see?

Mariposa, butterfly in Spanish,
got MOSI in your town and that’s an advantage, manage
to adopt, so that these fliers, can’t be stopped,
Bio Works Butterfly garden rocks
bet your Nutty Buddy on it, bet your’re glad you caught it
relatives come, you flaunt it
Don’t miss a stop, at the gift shop
give freeze dried astronaut ice cream a cop
I hear you can volunteer
…if you do, I’ll give three cheers
here, witness tampa bay’s finest
museum.. of industry and science
roam to the t-o-p of the dome
MOSI, your knowledge home
down the street from cancer-hatin Moffit
there’s no stoppin’ this not for profit, rock it

Still Nerdy

Still Nerdy glasses thick I see in the future
Still Nerdy rhymes sick like water polluted
Still Nerdy Still love that technology
Still Nerdy but not as much you you see

Lil ‘Debbie hunches, Star Crunches, in my
lunches, never throwin punches in school,
never was a fool, made to feel foolish
toolish, like a big dork cause endomorph
my body type, now I rhyme right
fat then, fat pockets now outrageous
…cause voracious, I’m a reader
it took some patience, girls got flirtatious,
metamorphosis from that to this
gettin’ dissed, to being on the guest list
transformed outside and paradigm to be a
winner, took girls to dinner and got in her
never stopped rockin with the PCs, mp3s
and a MC they helped make me, PS
three the new Atari twenty-six fix,
never gonna stop nerd – being in the mix

no chicks, no girls, no opposite sex
twenty-four baud, I would connect
enter cyberspace, hello to BBS
use that smart mind that I was blessed
Coke made my glasses, my frames the worst
everyday had a pimple to burst, cursed
by feelin’ like a schlemiel, had to deal with depression,
aggression – ka turned the wheel
now i don’t feel that trouble, rubble at my feet
butterfly busted out of the geek, I speak with
faith in self, confidence wealth
retired the old me on the shelf
the new me got savour faire
now….. whatcha wanna compare?
sizes of the pee-pee or SATs?
scrotums or intelligence quotients? please!

my pipe twenty mega bits thick
download torrents with the  quickness
witness drives overflow with mad data
IDE to SATA, look at me I made a
life from computer geekery while stayin’ me
stayin’ alive, head still high with pride
check the girl by my side, in my ride
my cutie, my wifey, you know that she’s still nerdy

Additional vocals provided by Christy Redd and Miquiel Banks.
Christy appears courtesy of Lucky Black Cat Records
Miquiel appears courtesy of Kemet Media Records


RIP, Columbia
RIP, Challenger
RIP, Apollo One
on the pad lost but not forgotten


STARBLAZER – rappin’ your face off from outer space
STARBLAZER – yeah i’m nice dont make me tell you twice
STARBLAZER – blackhole, whitehole, mic control

NASA’s first MC, rhyme voyager
billions and billions I destroy ya
wave motion gun, tons of fun
slingshot effect around the sun
shootin’ protons, fightin Cylons
why is this all gone so wrong?
so in song, cross event horizon,
find pride in beats and rhymin, yo
say hello to that fellow, Deltron
genetically optimized like Khan=
I’m the rhymer super-collider
climbing grime to get some lime Starblazin’


dilithium crystals, laser pistols,
space waste, makes me bristle
one visit to trash dump Earth
recognize what a planet’s worth
earthlings, knee deep in things
in orbit, there’s garbage rings
previous generations wasters
slowly killing mother nature
for every sky-high Utopian city
live peeps in wastelands you pity
like Flanders, okely dokely
think globally, act nobly, locally


Mission Control… This is Apollo 49… We have a problem….

i wanna launch… i wanna launch
i wanna launch right now,
into space and i’m never coming down
Starblazer is the name I’m known
hijack the track, tempo and microphone, Imma
space raver with a pack of Life Savers
Wint-O-Green, that’s my flavor
science, is the coolest to mess with
Judy Jetson is next on my list to kiss
Trillian, a must on the list of bliss
oh please keep ya Six’s and Three’s
give me Starbuck with a side of Dee
Keep the cheerleader, *she’s just a girl*
Nikki Sanders rocks my world
Kaylee, baby, work my engine while
the Fifth Element -  gets my attention
you’ll find me, in my galactic mansion
chillin with *all* the Doctor’s companions
my next song’s about Amy Wong
gettin’ lost in Carrie Anne Moss’ thong

space radiation cause mutation,
deformation, in every case and
race to my asteriod plantation to
recreationally practice procreation
without provocation, subjugation from
alien nation-state corporation
intimindation wanting strangulation, of my
respiration, abbreviation of my
life, I want no limitatations, just
jubliation and celebration,
drinkin’ libations, rockin’ Playstation,
full of elation -  Starblazin’


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